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In My Head: Call Mom and wish her a Happy Derby Day.

In The Cup: water – rehydrating.

Currently Playing: 5K Race Day playlist (described below in detail)

Daily Run: 1/2 mile warm up; South Boston/ Halifax County YMCA 5K; 1/2 mile cool down; two hour rest, then a second 5K. Total distance: 7.2 miles.

On The Desk: One. More. stack of papers. Also, The Power and the Glory

On the Nightstand: Jenny Lawson, Letā€™s Pretend This Never Happened.

BPAL of the Day: Morgause

Papers Graded: Ummmm… I WILL grade some papers this weekend. Maybe even today. Just… not yet.

So, today was my last race prior to the half-marathon May 19, a local 5K. I ran it in 26:07, coming in second overall among the women, behind a fifteen year-old soccer player.

Race playlist:

Warm up tracks: Katie Melua, the Flood; Katy Perry, ET

Pre-Race Energy Booster: Katy Perry, Firework

Race tracks: Beastie Boys, What’cha Want; Katy Perry: Teenage Dream & California Gurls; Eminem, Lose Yourself; Cast of Glee, Don’t Stop Believing; Red Hot Chili Peppers, Higher Ground; Nightwish, Amaranth; Cast of Glee, Don’t Rain on My Parade

I had originally wanted to go in at least under 24:25, and preferably under 24, for the PR, but alas that didn’t happen – I went out too fast, hit a 6:38 split at mile marker 1, and got complacent slowing down in the second mile, then slammed by two killer hills in mile 3 while I was make up for the abysmal second mile time (10:45. HOW did I do that to myself? Oy.) On the plus side, though, I did win my age group bracket:

I dedicated my race and win to Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, who died yesterday at age 47 after a long battle with cancer. I am inordinately depressed about this, because the Beastie Boys are one of my all-time favorite groups and, as you know, I’m a major 80s fan anyhow. So I included them first in my race playlist as a tribute, and that made me feel a little better – but not much. Hard to believe he’s gone and will never make another album. Dear Adam – thank you so much for your vision, your talent, and your humanitarian work. Today, I reminded the Cancer Beast that it can keep on knocking on our doors, it can even blow some of them and us down — but in the end, it will never conquer the human spirit. This one’s for you.

Well, needless to say, I was a little miffed with myself for this one, so I decided to turn the negative of not PRing into a positive, and after a two hour rest I ran a second 5K, figuring if I did back-to-back 5Ks it could count as a good distance + speed training day. This one I did in 25:57, which made me feel a little bit better. With a half-mile warm up and cool down post race, I ended the day with 7 miles. That puts me in a good position to do my 13 mile long run tomorrow – the last one before the race, itself. Then Monday I’ll have a recovery run, and after that I’ll focus on speedwork and intervals and maintenance miles, but taper the long runs to 10 and then 8 in preparation for race day. T-minus 13 days!

Recovery meal: mini baguette with 1 tablespoon chocolate almond butter; bowl of homemade vegetarian chili with crackers.

So, I had a 5K for breakfast, and another one for lunch. Tonight is the Kentucky Derby, so DH and I will be having mint juleps. It’s a tradition. But right now, I’m going to go work on TPATG, because novels do not write themselves any more than races run themselves, and I’m itching to get back to drafting!

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