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Well, gang, the title of this post says it all.

There I was, minding my own business, getting into the swing of being a Wife-Mommy-Graduate student with no free time. I sort-of, kind-of kept up a sort-of, kind-of running schedule (which means I ran about twenty to thirty minutes a day about twice a week, give or take a day.) I sort-of, kind-of was watching what I ate (or, at least, how much I was spending on what I ate) all the while reminding myself that I was in grad school, and it wasn’t always going to be possible for me to eat properly, and I should cut myself some slack now and then; and then, just as I was comfortably on my way to the gaining of ten pounds of pure I’m-in-a-lazy-rut, the Universe sent me the ol’ 1-2 sucker punch to my (no longer a six-pack) gut. First, three of my friends successfully completed their first half-marathon on Saturday while I was merrily sucking down pumpkin ales and carving three jack o’ lanterns at the Annual Pumpkin Carving Party.Their posted scores and pictures of the joy they felt at completing the race made me feel nostalgic for my own good ol’ racing days last year. The farthest I’ve run of late has been four miles… and they hurt.

Then, my friend and awesome Tough Mudder competitor Dave Gluhareff posted his latest column on Facebook. It was like he was writing it just for me: Hey, you! Lazy! Yeah, you! No, no excuses. You can claim it’s because you don’t have the time to take proper care of yourself, but we all know the truth: you’ve lost your workout mojo, and you’re too complacent to look for it.

It was just the kick on the pants I needed, y’all. I’m re-posting his column here (with his permission) in hopes that anyone else out there who has, like me, gotten a little too cozy with the couch and the convenience of take-out, can walk away feeling as driven to get back into a workout schedule as I did.

I have a long way to go to get back to my former fitness glory (and I only slacked off for about the past two months!!) But Dave’s column has reminded me that it really is a choice. It’s my life, it’s my body, and I am the one at the helm of this thing. If I want to be healthy, fit, and have the energy and stamina both mentally and physically that I need to get through graduate school, if I want the security of knowing I am doing everything in my power to stave off cancer and be the best version of myself I can be, I am going to have to go out there and earn it the good old fashioned way. So today, I did NOT have a muffin for breakfast, and I DID go for a 4.2 mile run. And even though it is only one day, it already feels better.

I complain a lot these days about not having time and being tired – but when I work out and eat fresh, healthy food, I really do feel better and more able to tackle my to-do list; case in point? Today I not only finished my to-do list, I have some time left over to get to some of the workload for the week ahead. I have energy to burn, for the first time in a while. I didn’t realize how much I had let go of my work towards being healthy and fit, until I read Dave’s column, felt that major stab of guilt, and realized how right he was. My friends ran a half-marathon this past weekend — people who used to look up to me as a running role-model. Today, I’m looking up to them, and vowing to get back to a point where I’m role-model worthy again, myself.

So, without further ado, here are Dave’s words of wisdom:

Just finished another magazine article/monthly fit column and here’s it’s ending:

“You are the problem, not anyone else but you. If you don’t Exercise, Eat right, and get plenty of Rest you are the problem, you are your own problem, it’s not anyone else’s fault but your own.

There is no in between…You are either Healthy or You are Not Healthy. I’ll repeat that there is no in between You are either Healthy or You are Not Healthy. If you are Lazy and In-Active then you will struggle with excess bodyfat and more illnesses. You cannot live off of junk food and expect to feel good because if you eat junk you’ll feel like junk. If you lack sleep and Rest then you will be more tired and stressed.

You are in charge of you! Gone are the days of blaming others and throwing faults towards others. We are in charge of ourselves, you are in charge of you, we cannot throw blame on anyone else for our bad behaviors, bad choices, laziness or for our inappropriate decision-making. We have to have Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest as part of our lives.

It is your Choice…your decision…it’s your call!”

- Dave Gluhareff

Wow. Powerful stuff. And totally, 100% the butt-handing experience I needed to remember that my body is my first responsibility, because I can’t take care of anyone else if I’m not in top working order, myself. So here I am, guys, re-committing to my Self. Who’s with me?

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