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In my head: This is gonna be a loooooooong night.

In the cup: tea with honey in it

Currently playing: Craobh Rua (a fabby Irish folk music group) Soh It Is

Daily Run: 55 minutes, 6 miles

On the Desk: abstract for one paper, draft of another, and teaching philosophy draft

On the Nightstand: Inventing Human Rights; On Humor; the Jewel House

Papers Graded: 22

You GUYS! Look: Rethinking Chaucerian Beasts is now out and available for purchase! Mine is the second-to-last essay in this collection. It’s been a very long time coming (almost two years, start to finish!) so I’m going to sort of marinade and bask in the glow a little. This is the essay I was working on during my cancer treatments last summer. I’m so proud that I got something productive done during that whole ordeal.

Today, I have the chance to repeat my productive-in-times-of-personal-crisis success, when I head out to spend the night at the Coliseum. Why?
Have a look for yourself:

One of these things is not like the others….

Yup. See that giant chunk missing in the next-to-last molar? Tuesday night. Sonic Snickers blast. Apparently, frozen caramel is now off my personal menu.

Sadly, I discovered in checking to see how much of fixing this my insurance covers that my student health insurance in fact does not automatically cover dental procedures at all. Of course. Of course, it doesn’t. Silly me, why would I think something so logical? No, you have to buy a supplemental dental plan. And you know, it’s not terribly expensive to do that – but right now, it won’t do me a lot of good to pay for it and wait the 7-14 days for the card to come through so I can get this fixed. It kind of hurts NOW.

Fortunately, as you have already discovered, I live a semi-charmed kind of life, and — wait for it — the NC Missions Mercy Dental Clinic is going to be in Greensboro this very weekend. That’s right. The only free dental program that would possibly be available to me, is available to me right when I need it. What are the odds, people? (Don’t answer; I’d honestly rather not know.)

However, the trade-off is, I have to line up at an obscene hour for even a hope of getting seen at this thing (think, just before midnight). And I’m supposed to be teaching at 9 a.m., which means I really sort of need to be among the first there if I’m going to have even a prayer’s hope of getting seen early enough to make this work. So, after class tonight, I’m off to camp out at the Coliseum. Where I will strive to stay warm and to entertain myself by conducting research for my two, 15 page papers and working on the teaching statement for my final portfolio for the third class. Because the academic clock doesn’t stop for personal emergencies, and the end of the term is nigh…as in, T-minus two weeks to finals, y’all.

Which is, of course, not only why I broke my tooth, but why I am also on my way this afternoon before class to the optometrist to see about the sudden blurriness I’m experiencing in one eye. Because, you know, this is the single most inconvenient time of the year for everything to go wrong at once, so clearly it must. On the plus side, my student health insurance DOES cover the eye exam, and any prescriptions up to $200.00 per calendar year.

So, as soon as I am done with this post, I am going to pack my bags for an overnighter, go pick up my daughter from school, hit the optometrist’s office, drop my daughter off at home when her dad gets home, drive to school, meet with a student, attend class, and then go hang out at the Coliseum with a thousand of my new besties all night in 30 degree weather, before having a dentist fill my broken tooth in and heading back to school for a full day of teaching and Writing Center consultations. And after that, I’ll come home and crash in exhaustion instead of getting to drive to Roanoke to see “Breaking Dawn, Part 2″ with my friend as originally planned. And my workload and schedule being what they are, that means I now won’t get to see it with her until December 7.

But, it could definitely be worse. I could have the flu. I think I’ll count my blessings that all I’m dealing with right now is a busted tooth and a blurry eye.

The moral of this story is: If You Are a Graduate Student, Avoid Sonic Snickers Blasts.

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