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BPAL of the Day: Spellbound

Good morning, Cauldronites! I owe you a major apology. I have been crazy-busy with grad school and subsequently fallen into the terrible habit of only posting on Six-Sentence Sundays. While I know many of my readers actually are here because of my fiction works in progress, many others are here because of the eclectic nature of my blog — a recipe here, a rant there, a few funny memes, some 80s music. I have let being busy stand in the way of posting regularly and in interesting ways. I can’t tell you “it won’t happen again,” because that would be a great, big lie. But I can assure you that I am now aware this is going on, and I will try much harder to get at least one other post in per week so there’s more variety around here.

That said, it *is* Sunday, and so without further ado, here are your six sentences. This is towards the end of the action-packed escape scene, when a sudden realization changes the outcome of the battle.


Sigurd struck twice in swift succession at Arthur, who blocked both lunges with a counter-parry but then fell back, panting and exhausted. Glorying in this sign of Arthur’s mortal weakness, Sigurd prepared to deal the blow that would disarm his enemy and assure his victory. Then, his ears registered the Valkyrie’s sobbing words.

“Sigrdrífa! Sister-warrior, gone forever!”

With a terrible cry, Sigurd whirled from his prey to see the faces of the warrior-women etched with grief and despair.


As always, I welcome your observations and feedback!