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In My Head: Hmmmn….. it’s longer than I thought it was, and still much shorter than I want it to be. And what’s up with the shorter-in-the-front growth pattern?

In the Cup: Seattle’s Best level 4

Currently Playing: Vincent Black Trio, Fear in the Water

Daily Run: 20 minute tempo run at 8:49 pace; 15 minutes @ 4.0 pace and 6% incline

On the Desk: Peer critique (completed this morning!)

On the DVR: Dr. Who (new series) Season 3; we just finished “Daleks Take Manhattan” parts 1 & 2. I miss Rose Tyler all over again. Not that Martha Jones isn’t a great character…. she’s just not Rose.

On the Nightstand: The Romance of Emare, Donna Tartt’s The Secret History (AGAIN) and A History of Arthurian Scholarship

BPal of the Day: Blood Lotus

Sooooo….. I have been asked to provide a current hair length shot, and you know I can’t deny you people anything you ask me for! Without further ado, here we are, 1.5 years after The Big Shave, and with 2 henna glosses spaced 4 months apart so far:


Truthfully, not spending nearly as much time staring at the back of my head as I used to, I am actually a little surprised that it is as long as it is. It doesn’t FEEL that long, nor does it look that long from the front. The front is growing slower than the back, which is annoying and frustrating, although apparently normal growth pattern as well. It looks like it really IS going to take me 4-5 years to have it back where I like it. As a reminder, here is where I was the day before I cut it all off at the Bonfire of the Vanities:


Yegads, I miss my mane!

On the other hand, we’re slowly but surely working our way back to the right color, anyhow. Here’s the current shade in direct sunlight:


I like to build the color up gradually through a series of glosses rather than just doing a full-out henna, because there’s a slightly greater element of control involved in terms of the final shade you end up with. I do not want fire-engine red hair; just my old coppery color. It is, sadly, unlikely I will achieve that without some finagling, since the new growth is somewhat darker than my former hair was when I began doing glosses.

So — there you have it. That’s the current length and color of my hair. The long, slow journey back to tailbone continues!

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