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In My Head: I can’t believe a year went by so fast!

In the Cup: hot water with lemon

Currently Playing: Rent Soundtrack. Because you should hear it once a year on New Year’s to remind you to LIVE.

Daily Run: 2.17 miles, 11:38 pace

On the Desk: Syllabus revisions

On the DVR: Dr. Who and Sherlock

On the Nightstand: JJ Abrams’s S; Understanding Medieval Primary Sources and Documents

BPal of the Day: “To a Woman,” which has rapidly surged to the top of my favorites list

Well, Cauldronites, we’ve done it: another year come and gone. Is it just me, or are they going by faster these days?

T.S. Eliot:

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.”

I don’t know about you, but 2013 was a pretty good year all in all for us. DH got a job he enjoys, the girls are thriving, and we all stayed healthy. We’re not any wealthier, but I don’t think we’re much worse off fiscally than we were at the beginning of the year and that’s just going to have to be chalked up in the “win” column, considering how much worse it could be. We’re grateful to be where we are, together, happy, healthy, and whole.

This has been another very busy year for me:

In terms of academia, I completed 7 graduate courses, taught 4 undergraduate classes, published a book review, had two essays accepted for publication, and had a revise-and-resubmit for a third. I gave papers at 3 conferences, and was elected to the executive board of the GSA and to two executive advisory panels — one regional, and one national. I also took on the editorship of our university’s literature textbook, which I’ll be working on in 2014, and won the department’s graduate essay prize. My comps lists are drafted, as are my syllabi for next term.

In terms of non-academic writing, I finished the first draft of Merrin Born and began revisions, and Mighty Knights is out on spec. I have also been working on song lyrics for collaboration efforts with two musicians, one based in Georgia and one in the UK. There have been a few poems penned here and there, but nothing worth sharing.

In terms of art, in 2013 I worked on the Green Man series, finishing 1.5 of the 4 pieces, and I have plans for two big painting projects in the New Year.

In terms of hair, I made it to APL (arm pit length) by December, and can now wear many of my favorite hairtoys again. YAY!

In terms of reading, according to Goodreads I finished 53 books this year! My favorites were Umberto Eco’s This Is Not the End of the Book, Deborah Harkness’s Shadow of Night, Naomi Novik’s Blood of Tyrants, and Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch.

In terms of running, according to Runkeeper I ran 375 miles this year. As far as racing goes, I completed 2 5Ks and a half-marathon — no PRs, but some solid times.

In the miscellaneous category, I met Deborah Harkness and got my book signed, watched all of the New Series of Doctor Who, caught up on Downton Abbey, and am trying to make it through the full first season of Sherlock. DH and I hiked the long trail at Pilot Mountain, we all attended a public viewing of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special — for which DH was Tom Baker and I was the Tardis the girls and I got to see Gillian Murphy dance The Nutcracker, I FINALLY saw The Drowsy Chaperone performed live, and I got to see Kenneth Branagh and Alex Kingston perform Macbeth. We visited with and had visits from Nick’s parents and Aunt Dixie, my mother and sister, our daughters’ friends Marya and Nina, and my dear friends Ana and Deena and Doug. And last but not least, DH received a major arts council grant to develop his photography.

It has certainly been a year full of happiness, productivity, hard work, dedication, love, and living life to its fullest. I’m looking forward to seeing what we come up with to fill 2014! Obviously, I have made some New Year’s Resolutions…. but you’ll have to wait until the New Year to hear them!

What about you all? How was your year? What are you plans for the coming year?

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